Cleveland, Ohio — The Ninth Annual Cleveland Asian Festival offered Cleveland residents and beyond a chance to discover, taste and experience the AsiaTown neighborhood within downtown Cleveland May 19-20. The festival was presented by Cleveland Public Power, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

Encompassing the Asia Plaza at the intersection of East 27th and Payne Avenue and reaching out beyond its parking lot, thousands gathered for food, music, entertainment and more. Inside the plaza, guests were able to enjoy the benefits of free health screenings, samples of Chinese teas, and shop at all the different stores within. Outside, the food court, which included new food truck options debuting this year just outside the confides of the gated dining area, various vendors and two stages caused guests to flock to the neighborhood to discover exactly what AsiaTown has to offer.

The festival also boasts the title of fastest growing festival in the state, with an attendance of 48,800 the prior year. The smooth operation of the festival is only made possible by the massive volunteer force patrolling the grounds, ensuring that everyone in attendance had a wonderful time.

A canvas sign greets guests entering at the east end of East 30th near the Dragon Stage.
The Mid East Cudell Judo Club showcases form, maneuvers and techniques of the centuries-old martial art.
The Cleveland Dragon Boat Association showcases the decorative ‘head’ and ‘tail’ of one of their titular dragon boats to be displayed at the Dragon Boat Festival at Black River Landing in Lorain on August 11.
Whimsical hand-crafted bicycles made of wire and cooper were sold by a local Indian family vendor.
Inside the activities pavilion, calligraphy was among the crafts to participate in, teaching interested festival-goers how to trace, draw and ink in words and phrases.
Local authentic Asian food purveyors grilled, baked, steamed and prepared all kinds of delicious treats.
Festival guests pose with NASA’s mascot next  to the sponsor’s booth.




Photo by Roman Macharoni

Roman Macharoni is a contributing writer to The Reserve Media, our self-appointed “Roamin’ Reporter”. An esteemed Cleveland State University alum with a BA in Communications, Roman has had plenty of experience in writing for Cleveland and CSU-related affairs as a dedicated staff writer and reporter for the Cleveland State Cauldron from 2014 to 2017. He is a freelance filmmaker, writer, editor and photographer. Roman is also a former intern at WOIO Cleveland 19 and the Cleveland Jewish News.


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